Stephen Filmanowicz

  • Two plans promoting research progress

    Dear colleagues and friends,  This spring, I will be sharing three messages — including today’s — featuring new advances in research and scholarship at Marquette University:  impressive work on topics such as maternal mental health, stroke rehabilitation, quantum architecture and molecular dynamics, PFAS remediation, secondary school pedagogy innovations and more. It is also a good time…

  • Unraveling soot’s mysteries — and dampening its harm

    With support from a major NSF CAREER grant, Dr. Somesh Roy is channeling his long-running interest in soot into understanding its molecular composition, muting its damage and creatively educating the public along the way.

  • Dean and Faculty Member

    The dean down the hall

    What happened when faculty couple Dean Heidi Bostic and Dr. Stephen Pluháček traded their Milwaukee home for a campus apartment, piloting the idea of faculty living on campus to support students in their daily lives?

  • Called South

    A Marquette professor and son of Memphis, Tennessee, leads a group from Marquette on a pilgrimage to sites from civil rights history that still have volumes to say today.