Tips and reminders for parking at Marquette University 

Parking is available on campus for faculty, staff, students and visitors. While parking at Marquette, keep in mind the following tips and reminders: 

Parking in university structures 

Visitor parking is $10 per day (midnight through 11:59 p.m.), with a maximum of three consecutive days, verified through parking enforcement. Credit card payment is required upon exit. 

When in your vehicle, if you have issues entering or exiting, please push the intercom button for assistance. Park in marked parking spaces only. Do not park in handicap spaces unless you have a DMV issued permit. 

Parking safety 

Drive slowly and with patience when entering, exiting and driving through campus structures and lots. Always watch for pedestrians. 

When walking through structures or lots, be mindful of your surroundings. Walk to the side of the driving lane so vehicles can pass. When in the parking structures, use the pedestrian doors and stairwells when entering and exiting. 

EV charging stations 

Dual-port EV charging stations, operated through ChargePoint, are available in Structures 1 and 2. Do not plug into university outlets to charge your electric vehicle; violators will be unplugged and ticketed. 

Permit holders 

Display your permit clearly 

Permit holders should properly display their vinyl parking permit sticker on their vehicle to avoid being ticketed. Stickers must be displayed on the back passenger bumper or back passenger window. 

For those who park in Structures 1 or 2, the hangtag used to enter and exit does not serve as a parking permit. If you need a new vinyl parking permit sticker, contact Parking Services. 

While entering and exiting the facility, allow time for the car in front of you to pass through the gate before proceeding. Reaching the gate too quickly could hinder the reader’s ability to recognize your hangtag. 

Parking rules 

Commuter permit holders are not authorized to park overnight. Those found parking overnight will be ticketed. 

24-hour permit holders who are assigned to Structures 1 or 2 must park on designated floors. Those found parking on the lower floors will be ticketed. 

Special events 

Special events and facility maintenance may temporarily affect parking assignments. If there are no spaces available when you arrive to your assigned location, contact Parking Services and they will redirect you to park in the nearest location available. 

Employees: Cancelation process 

Employees who wish to cancel their permit must return their permit sticker and, if applicable, hangtag, to parking services. No refunds will be given, and payroll deductions will continue unless permits are returned. Credit or refunds are not given for short-term absences or vacations.   

Familiarize yourself with Marquette’s parking rules and regulations and contact Parking Services at if you have any questions.