Dr. Terrie Garcia | The Difference Makers at Marquette University

Dr. Terrie Garcia is the coordinator for the College of Nursing’s federally funded Project BEYOND-2, an initiative that seeks to encourage students from underrepresented backgrounds to pursue a rewarding career in professional nursing. Fitting, as Terrie herself was a first-generation college student and the daughter of migrant farmers who identifies closely with those she helps today. It’s part of what makes her a Marquette Difference Maker. 

“I think there is value in having a diverse health care workforce,” Terrie shared in a Marquette Today interview. “A diverse workforce, especially marginalized racial and ethnic minorities, can play a crucial role in achieving health equity.  We need to have a workforce that mirrors our patient populations.” 

Terrie’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and the role it plays in changing the face of the health care workforce, coupled with her passion for developing a new generation of nurses, is truly inspirational. Please join me in learning more about Terrie and why she’s being the difference. 


Dr. Michael R. Lovell

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