Electric vehicle charging stations operational in on-campus parking structures

Marquette installed two dual-port ChargePoint charging stations on the lower level of each of the university’s two on-campus parking structures. The charging stations are now available for use. 

The Level 2 AC charging stations will allow up to four cars to charge at one time in the 16th Street Parking Structure (Structure 1) and another four cars to charge at once in the Wells Street Structure (Structure 2). The indoor locations will give the stations protection from weather and other damage. 

Standard EV charging payments will apply and be managed through the ChargePoint mobile app. The app will also send drivers reminders to move their vehicles after charging so they do not incur ChargePoint’s idling fee. 

Marquette EV drivers who currently hold a parking permit and wish to obtain a parking permit for either of the structures should contact Parking Services. EV drivers who do not currently hold permits to park on campus lots or structures will pay the daily structure fee. 

Charging stations take payment through the ChargePoint app. The stations do not take credit cards on site or cash. 

Standard fees: $2 per hour, $8 max (four hours)  

Idling fee: After four hours, the charging fee increases to $4/hour 

“EV only” parking stalls are for the exclusive use of those with electric vehicles. No other vehicles should park in these spaces.  

These stations are owned and operated by ChargePoint and not Marquette University.  Users should contact ChargePoint with inquiries or to report issues. 

More information is available on the EV Charging webpage