Marquette Physical Therapy Clinic provides convenient, low-cost care on campus 

The Marquette University Physical Therapy Clinic – a full-service PT and rehabilitation clinic open to the public – provides cost-effective and quality on-site care to employees and their family members for all musculoskeletal issues. 

The clinic offers the expertise of specialty-trained, licensed physical therapists and evidence-based care backed by the latest research and experts from Marquette’s nationally ranked academic program.  

Don’t let aches and pains keep you from the activities that you enjoy.  No need to “live with it” as many conditions can be successfully treated with conservative care. 

Regardless of the Marquette medical plan the member is enrolled in:  

  • A $35 fee per visit will apply when receiving services at the Marquette University Physical Therapy Clinic.  
  • No additional fees or costs, above the $35 fee per visit, will be incurred by employee, spouse or dependent, unless the services are not medically necessary or outside the scope of physical therapy. The cost of supplies, durable medical equipment or orthotics are not covered by the fee.  
  • Dry needling is covered as part of the $35 fee per visit. 
  • The $35 fee per visit cannot be applied to your deductible, coinsurance or out-of-pocket maximum. 
  • HSA/FSA dollars can be used to pay the $35 fee.  
  • No primary care provider referral is necessary.  

The clinic is in Cramer Hall 215 (604 N. 16th St.). Call (414) 288-1400 to schedule an appointment.