MUIDs needed for evening access to campus buildings beginning Aug. 21

As a result of feedback shared with the President’s Task Force on Community Safety and following a successful secure entry rollout in the residence halls, beginning Monday, Aug. 21, a valid Marquette University ID card will be required to gain access to all campus buildings during evening hours. Faculty and staff will continue to have 24-hour access to the building in which their office is located.

MUIDs will be required for after-hours building access on the following schedule (for all campus buildings except residence halls and university-owned apartments, which continue to have 24/7 secure MUID access):

Day of the weekMUID access required
Monday through ThursdayAfter 6 p.m.
FridayAfter 4:30 p.m.
Saturday through SundayEntry allowed on building-by-building basis

All students will have secure access to buildings in which night classes are held until 9 p.m. Each college or school will determine the closing time (when general MUID access is not allowed) for their respective building(s), as well as which students have clearance outside of traditional hours. Buildings will close no later than 11 p.m., except for Raynor Memorial Libraries and Cudahy Hall, which are open 24 hours, Sunday through Thursday. 

Each college and school will communicate directly with students regarding the closing time for their respective building(s).

The President’s Task Force on Community Safety strongly discourages the practice of propping doors open, including classrooms.  All students, faculty and staff have MUID access to general pool classrooms.  Students are reminded to take their MUID with them if they leave the room during class so they can get back in. 

A limited supply of lanyards are available for free at the AMU Information Desk. ID holders for lanyards are available at the MarquetteCard Office (AMU 158) for 50 cents.

AMU, Raynor Memorial Libraries and Eckstein Hall to remain open until 8 p.m.

The Alumni Memorial Union will continue to be open to the public until 8 p.m. Campus guests without MUIDs can enter after 8 p.m. by calling the front desk phone number to request access. The front desk will connect with a building supervisor to allow guests to enter.

Raynor Memorial Libraries and Eckstein Hall will remain open to the public each night until 8 p.m.

Weekend access with MUID

On weekends, most campus buildings will be closed, with a limited number accessible via MUID. For public access, the AMU, Haggerty Museum of Art, Raynor Library and Eckstein Hall will be open according to their published hours.

Residence halls remain secured with MUID access

All residence halls and university-owned apartments continue to have 24/7 secure MUID access. Students can use their MUID to tap in at the entrance of a residence hall to access the interior. Once inside the residence hall, students must additionally tap in with their MUID at the front desk. There is a video intercom installed on the exterior of each building. If a student forgets their MUID, they can use the intercom to request entry.

Watch Marquette Today for more updates on campus building security enhancements.