Reminder: MUIDs needed for residence hall access, more safety infrastructure updates

As students return to campus for the fall 2022 semester, Marquette urges everyone to always have their MUIDs with them to enter residence halls. Following the successful Humphrey Hall secure entry pilot in spring 2022, all residence halls now have 24/7 secured MUID access.

As a reminder, here is how secure entry works:

  • Students will use their MUID to tap in at the entrance of a residence hall to access the interior.
  • Once inside the residence hall, the check-in process remains the same with the student tapping in with their MUID at the front desk.
  • There is a video intercom installed on the exterior of each building. If a student forgets their MUID, they can use the intercom to request entry.
  • Front desk staff will have a monitor and intercom to see and respond to those seeking access and will be able to buzz in the student, allowing front desk staff to stay at their post.
  • Important note: Anyone with a MUID will be able to enter the residence halls. Once inside, only those with current access permission to the residence hall will be able to check in at the front desk using their MUID. The guest policy has not changed.

Following are additional implementation updates resulting from proposals put forth by the President’s Task Force on Community Safety:

MUPD mobile cameras

Following its approved Safety Task Force proposal in June, MUPD will deploy two mobile camera/light units to areas of repeat crime within their patrol zone. One will be in place for the start of the fall semester with the second following shortly. They can be quickly deployed to locations of concern and may permit faster response and more effective investigations. The highly visible monitoring equipment shows police attention even if officers might not be physically present – an important crime deterrent.

More cameras installed across campus

Since announced on March 30, two additional security cameras have been installed on campus. These further augment real-time campus visibility to MUPD, which has over 1,100 active cameras on campus. Six more security cameras will be installed in the coming months.

City light repairs

The university’s facilities and public affairs teams have been working with city officials during the summer to repair inoperable public streetlights in our patrol zone. This is an ongoing project that the city is prioritizing.