Join the Marquette Nursing Alumni Facebook Group

Dear Marquette nursing alumni:

We are not sure if you are familiar with the MU Mentor/Mentee program. It is a fantastic program through alumni relations that matches current students with alumni in a mentoring relationship.

As a result of the pandemic era, we started with Zoom meetings with all the mentors and mentees in the nursing program.  We (Jen, Eva and Ann) experienced that special Marquette nurse connection with the mentors and mentees and wanted to keep it going. We are reaching out now to ask you to continue with us, via the MU Nursing Alumni Facebook Group, for a social-network-driven networking experience with all nursing alumni, regardless of career stage or path.

In addition to this mentor group, the MU nursing alumni social networking concept was inspired by our former dean, Janet Krecji. Dean Krecji well-articulated what makes a Marquette nurse a Marquette nurse (remember – cura personalis!). Dean Guttormson continues that legacy.

In the spirit of keeping this strong connection to all Marquette nurses, the re-invigorated MU Nursing Alumni Facebook Group presents a convenient and easy way to facilitate our fellowship and socialize, network and continue to learn from and support each other.

Using this Facebook Group as a sort of communication “hub” we initially envision basic networking; questions about jobs, location recommendations, research, etc. The nursing profession is very different now as people want to travel and work all over the country. It would be nice to be able to reach out to alumni for recommendations and advice.

Basically, the page will serve as a great way for Marquette alumni nurses to stay in touch and grow their reach.

In addition, we would love to see social networking continue on the Facebook group page. It takes a core group of us to get some discussions going via Facebook. We quickly realized that individual posts by Jen, Eva and Ann was not enough to build an active network!

To that end, we are looking for your support.  Here’s how you can do that:

  • Join the MU Nursing Alumni Facebook group if you have not already done so.
    • Answer brief membership questions and you’re in!
  • Share this link with your MU Nursing alumni friends, acquaintances and colleagues and invite them to join as well.
  • Start, and engage in existing, conversations on the group’s Facebook page (we can share some ideas of how to start a Facebook conversation).

We hope we see you on the site!


The MU Nursing Facebook Group Launch Team

Jennifer Minhas
Eva Zunich
Ann Ford