Performance review process begins April 3

The 2023 annual staff performance review process will begin on Monday, April 3. Please review the following for information on the timeline, merit process and online resources for conducting self and employee reviews.  

The timing for this year’s process is:  

  • April 3-21: Employees complete their self-evaluation and the results section of the performance management form and send it to their supervisor.   
  • April 24-May 19: Merit documents are sent to budget liaisons and supervisors. Supervisors should use performance management documentation to inform merit awards.  
  • May 1-31: Supervisors conduct performance review meetings and submit written reviews to employees.  
  • May 22-31: Vice presidents, deans and provosts review merit awards.  
  • June 1: Reviews completed, signed, and sent to Human Resources. 
  • June 1-8: Merit awards are reviewed by Finance and HR.  
  • June 20-June 30: Supervisors communicate merit awards to employees once budget has communicated the review of merit increases is complete.  
  • July 1: Merit increases applied. 

The annual performance review process is designed to support and develop employees by providing specific feedback on their goals and job responsibilities through both one-on-one conversations with their supervisor and a written review document. 

Use the Performance Management Form and follow these instructions. A complete guide to the performance management process, including tips and resources, is available on the Human Resources website 

Employees are asked to please complete the following required fields on the Performance Management Form:  

  • First column – Theme or department goal: If not already documented, provide a Beyond Boundaries theme or a department goal that your individual goal or job duties align to. 
  • Second column – Goals (list in priority order): Identify the specific goal and/or job responsibility that relates to the theme or department goal. 
  • Fourth column – End-of-year self-evaluation: Identify and describe the outcomes and accomplishments related to each goal and/or job responsibility. 
  • Last row of the grid: Describe what you have done this year to demonstrate Marquette’s mission and values.

Employees may also complete this optional field:

  • Overall summary 

The annual review process and conversation address not only the job content (the “what” of the role), but also how the work was accomplished. Providing employees with feedback on their job performance is critical in creating an engaged workforce that aligns with and delivers on the university’s strategy and goals while exemplifying our mission.  

HR is offering special training programs to assist with the performance review process.  Please use the code “GROW” when registering. 

Preparing for performance appraisals and your role in the performance appraisal cycle – for supervisors 

Wednesday, April 5, from 11 a.m. to noon via Microsoft Teams 

Join Human Resources as it walks through the supervisor’s role in the performance appraisal process and learn techniques you can use to deliver feedback and ensure effective communication with your employee. 

The event will be presented by King and Ploszaj. Register online.