Marquette Today moving to daily Monday-Friday schedule

Marquette Today — the university’s primary internal communication vehicle, which is sent to all faculty, staff and students — is set to transition from its twice-weekly cadence to a daily Monday through Friday schedule during the academic year, starting Monday, Jan. 24.

Daily Marquette Today emails will provide the campus community with more timely updates about campus news, events and major initiatives, while also offering improved readability with shorter, visual-driven emails. The daily format also adds overall scheduling flexibility and eliminates the need for one-off communications of major university announcements.

“Marquette In the News,” a collection of positive media mentions previously sent to faculty and staff each Wednesday, will now be integrated into the daily Marquette Today emails.

Submissions for Marquette Today can continue to be made at and should be sent at least three days before the intended publish date.

Contact Jack Goods at with any questions.