Center for Advancement of the Humanities hosts Dr. Melissa Shew, ‘Women and Intellectual Empowerment: A TEDx Talk,’ Oct. 18 

The Center for the Advancement of the Humanities (CfAH) is delighted to announce an upcoming talk hosted by the Humanities Research Colloquium. The first speaker of the semester will be Dr. Melissa Shew, visiting associate professor of philosophy and senior faculty fellow at the Center for Teaching and Learning.  

Monday, Oct. 18, at 4 p.m. via Teams, Dr. Shew will present “Women and Intellectual Empowerment: A TEDx Talk.” For the meeting link, contact Jorge Montiel, CfAH graduate assistant. 

In this reprise of her spring 2020 TEDx talk, Dr. Shew examines the problem of female disempowerment in the workplace. By considering the problem through a series of philosophical lenses, she proposes accessible solutions for all to practice and implement. She will also reflect on what she learned about presenting her research in this forum and offer tips for anyone interested in giving such a talk. She will connect these insights to what she calls “epistemic joy,” which articulates her desire to give the talk in the middle of a pandemic in the first place.  

For more information about the colloquium and the fall 2021 schedule visit the Humanities Research Colloquium website.