Faber Center’s virtual ‘Exhale with St. Ignatius’ program open to all departments

First developed in collaboration with University Advancement, the Faber Center is offering a program called “Exhale with St. Ignatius” to all departments.

Drawing upon the teachings of St. Ignatius, this virtual 30-minute program seeks to create a peaceful setting for units to come together, reflect on our current situation, and seek solace amid the day’s stresses and anxieties.

Through a series of readings and guided questions, the program seeks to provide a sense of peace, comfort and quiet. There will also be time for reflection.

Managers who are interested in scheduling a session for their team or department can contact Michael Dante, director of the Faber Center.

To hear about University Advancement’s experience with the program, contact Sue Nieberle, director of development for the Klingler College of Arts and Sciences and the Office of Mission and Ministry.