What to know about safety and security during the Republican National Convention

The Republican National Convention will be held in Milwaukee from July 15-19. Given the high-profile nature of many of the visitors and the heightened tensions that inevitably come with political conventions, some safety and security measures have been instituted and adjusted for this period by Marquette University and the City of Milwaukee.  

Security perimeter borders Marquette’s campus 

The United States Secret Service released its finalized map of the general areas expected to be affected by the operational security plan for the Republican National Convention; the impacted area borders the eastern side of Marquette University’s campus, starting at 9th Street. As a result, the Marquette campus is not within the perimeter. 

The secure areas are divided into a vehicle security perimeter (shaded in yellow) and a pedestrian restricted perimeter (shaded in red).

Residences and businesses inside the vehicle screening perimeter will be accessible to the public. Pedestrians and bicyclists will be able to freely enter this area. Vehicles will be permitted, though they must enter through a vehicle screening point, which are marked as black circles on the map. 

The pedestrian restricted perimeter will be accessible only to credentialed or ticketed individuals, such as convention attendees or volunteers. 

Those who will be on campus during the convention are asked to review these borders while planning a commute.

The City of Milwaukee has additionally announced parking restrictions during the RNC. Some of the restrictions went into effect on Friday, July 5.

Marquette is unlikely to have advance notice of road closures or changes to bus routes. These decisions will be made by the Secret Service and will be communicated in real time. 

Wear your MUID, have alternate ID available 

Those who will be on campus during the convention are strongly encouraged to wear their Marquette University ID and have a secondary form of identification available. 

University buildings will additionally require MUID swipe access in the interest of safety. All buildings on campus except for the Alumni Memorial Union will be secured with MUID card access from July 1 through July 19 (Gift of Time through the end of the convention). Only the north entrance to Zilber Hall will be accessible without an MUID the week of July 8; the entire building will be secured the week of July 15.

Notify MUPD of graffiti, broken windows or other damage on campus 

Those who witness graffiti, broken windows or other damage on campus should contact MUPD’s non-emergency line at (414) 288-6800. Your call will be routed appropriately. 

The campus community is additionally encouraged to save MUPD’s emergency line, (414) 288-1911, in case necessary.