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Business students share stories from Spring Break trips abroad

Students return from Czech Republic, Switzerland, Vietnam with broadened horizons

The College of Business Administration offers a wide range of short-term study abroad options over Spring Break. From undergraduate and MBA students visiting the Czech Republic to commercial banking students spending time in Switzerland, Marquette Business makes it possible to get an international education without the semester-long commitment. 
Our students were eager to share insights from the trips they took:

Junior majoring in marketing, economics and international business 

Traveling to the Czech Republic for the Spring Break Study Abroad program was an unforgettable experience that made me a more well-rounded business professional. I was paired with a Czech student to compare marketing in America versus the Czech Republic as part of the work and I quickly learned that Czech feedback is more direct than in the U.S. and that Czechs are very prompt. Every time we visited a company like AimTec in Pilsen or toured a unique historic city like Karlovy Vary, our group was expected to be ready to go at the scheduled time. The professionals we met with and our tour guides were also very careful to stay within their allotted times. 

It was also interesting to be in a country that exports more than they import. Skoda is a huge car brand that makes up a large portion of Czech exports. Nearly everyone in the Czech Republic drives a Skoda and has some connection to the company’s manufacturing. This gave me a new perspective on business that I will keep in mind as I enter the professional world. 

Master of Business Administration candidate

Overall, our trip to Pilsen and Prague was a great experience; in fact, I think it’s one of my top experiences with Marquette. After visiting, I can see now why Marquette and the University of West Bohemia have had such a long partnership. We have a shared culture and passion for beer!

I really enjoyed the soccer match that we went to. The game went to overtime and then penalty kicks. That was so much fun to attend. I also enjoyed hearing a lecture on the future of business and artificial intelligence at our partner university’s satellite campus in Cheb, another small town. Overall, the trip has made me a more well-rounded individual and professional. Being exposed to other cultures and ways of doing business always expands your perspective and allows you to reflect on your own experiences more. I encourage every Marquette student to consider a study abroad experience.

Junior majoring in accounting

The trip to the Czech Republic allowed me to deepen my understanding of international business practices and Czech culture. On the trip, we were able to tour multiple businesses that are essential to the Czech economy. I loved touring the Pilsner Urqell and Becherovka facilities, as they are important to the economy and identities of Pilsen and Karlovy Vary, respectively. I found it interesting to learn about how Cold War policies affected business operations too. In addition to the business tours, the helpfulness of the Czech students and teachers greatly added to my experience. They were so willing to show us local spots in the cities, explain the differences between their university and ours, and immerse us in the culture. Overall, this trip allowed me to meaningfully compare a European economy against our own through real-life experiences.

Senior majoring in human resources, accounting and finance

The study abroad trip to Switzerland over spring break was an eye-opening experience. The company visits and cultural exploration activities allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of the work environment overseas. One of the best experiences was being able to see the vault at multinational bank UBS. We were able to get an inside look at how clients can store valuables and the many options they have for safe deposit boxes or even safe deposit rooms.

Another amazing experience was being able to travel across Switzerland on our free day. With a group of three others, I went from Zurich to Bern to Geneva to Lausanne, and then right back to Zurich. Throughout that day, we saw amazing sights like the United Nations building and the fountain in Geneva. Overall, I would recommend this trip to anyone interested in learning more about Switzerland and the banking sector.

Junior majoring in finance and business analytics

Over Spring Break, I decided to go to Zurich, Switzerland with the commercial banking program. We visited a lot of cool companies like UBS, Victorinox, SNB, Lindt and more. I didn’t know anyone in my group going into the trip, but we became friends by the end and that was really cool.

The major thing that stood out to me about this trip is the cultural barrier. In Switzerland, we had to adapt very quickly to function in a country that didn’t speak a lot of English and had a completely different way of living. This will help me when it comes to trying new things and adapting to different experiences within the workforce. This trip also pushed me outside my comfort zone to talk to strangers when I was trying to get somewhere or understand something. I believe this will greatly aid my communications skills.


This trip impacted my Marquette University journey both academically and socially. In my studies, I want to continue learning about different aspects of Vietnam, especially with regards to the business world. I can do this by keeping up with current events in Vietnam and learning how their economy continues to grow. Socially, I have made good friends on the trip I would not have found on my own.

From touring aluminum factories to experiencing the Chu Chi Tunnels, the Marquette University and HUTECH students were able to have fun, lasting memories with each other. We all got to spend time outside the classroom together, where the HUTECH students showed us tasty restaurants and bustling marketplaces.

It was phenomenal working with students from all different majors and discussing our perspectives on the world. I have already talked to many of the Marquette University students on campus and connected to the HUTECH students through social media, and I can not wait to see where our lives go.  

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