Policy Review Committee shares three UPP updates 

Marquette provides University Policies and Procedures (UPPs) for the campus community as a written record of approved and current academic, operational, financial, and business policies and procedures.  Following is an overview of three updated policies. All are available in full on the UPP website.  

UPP 1-15 Wisconsin Sales Tax 

Updated to reflect the current sales tax rate. 

View the policy online. (Campus access only.) 

UPP 1-38 Accessible Technology Policy 

Updated to include new contact people associated with the policy. 

View the policy online. (Campus access only.) 

UPP 4-03 Leaves of Absence 

Updated to provide information as to the types of fellowships that might qualify as a prestigious leaves, to clarify that prestigious leaves are open to both regular and participating faculty and to provide some information as to potential support from the university. 

View the policy online. (Campus access only.)