Changes to the Securing Our Future Teams site organization 

Based on early feedback, the Securing Our Future Teams site has been reorganized to make it easier for users to find information in one channel. To reduce the possibility of hidden channels, now all updates and materials can be found on the General channel. The Files section in this channel contains subfolders for the following:  

  • Academic Workgroup Recommendations 2020-21 materials 
  • Fact Sheets 
  • FAQ 
  • Updates (includes a collection of Marquette Today stories and other standalone materials, such as the Steering Committee member list) 

Previously, as new channels were created, the Microsoft Teams program automatically hid some channels for some users depending on device and view. This required users to manually select channels shown in their Main Channels list. This is a Microsoft function with the intent to remove clutter in Teams and is outside of the university’s control. 

Because channels have been consolidated, the program automatically removed all previous posts as content migrated. Moving forward, new updates will be flagged via posts for members to see as had been done the previous few weeks. 

Ideas and questions portal: submit ideas soon to include for consideration 

A pinned post in the General channel’s Post section promotes the link to the ideas and questions portal. The Steering Committee continues to review input from the form. Be sure to submit your ideas soon to ensure they can be routed with ample time for evaluation. 

In the next few weeks, ideas will be shared with relevant university leaders in academic and administrative units as well as with Steering Committee members with related experience to consider as part of early recommendations. As a reminder, the objectives for the Securing Our Future initiative are to find permanent solutions that reduce actual costs or increase revenue.