OUR launching monthly faculty paper report, soliciting submissions 

The Office of University Relations has been working with members of the Marquette research community to develop avenues and processes for sharing published research and other faculty writings with internal and external communities. 

Coming soon to Marquette Today, OUR will share a monthly report of papers published by faculty on campus. This report will be populated by a self-submission form and run at the beginning of each month. This report is open to any paper or article published within the two months preceding its submission to Marquette Today

Faculty who have published a paper or article in any academic journal or publication can submit their paper for inclusion via this Qualtrics form. At this time, there are no other qualifications for inclusion. 

Submissions also open for advance promotion of top journal placement 

Submissions are also being accepted for faculty who have had a research paper accepted for publishing in a top journal within their field or to be presented at a leading conference. 

This form is available for submissions to be considered. Full submission qualifications are noted on the submission page, but submissions must meet these basic guidelines: 

  • Papers must be submitted at least three weeks prior to publish or presentation date 
  • Papers must relate to conducted research by the author 
  • The principal investigator or lead author on the research paper must be a current Marquette faculty member 

If you are in doubt about which form you should complete, please complete the monthly report form or contact Kevin Conway at kevin.m.conway@marquette.edu. Authors of papers submitted to the monthly report that are under consideration for advance promotion will be contacted. 

All editorial and promotional decisions are made at OUR’s discretion. Promotional channels include news releases, college-level articles on Marquette Today, internal features, social media, media pitches, etc.