Marquette making commitment to incoming students amid FAFSA delay

Marquette and the Offices of Undergraduate Admissions and Student Financial Aid are working to support students in their college search process as it relates to the recently announced delays in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) process.

The U.S. Department of Education’s announced delay indicates that Marquette – and all institutions who accept the FAFSA – will not receive students’ FAFSA information until the first half of March. With this in mind, and in acknowledgment of the important role the cost of college plays in many students’ college choice, Marquette has made the following commitments to admitted students:

  • After Marquette receives students’ FAFSA data, the university will provide admitted students with their financial aid package as soon as possible.
  • While Marquette’s commitment deadline will remain May 1 for now, the university will provide a commitment extension for any student who requests one should they need more time to review their financial aid package. At minimum, Marquette guarantees students will have two weeks from the date they receive their financial aid package or until May 1 – whichever is later – to make a commitment to Marquette.
  • If a student completes the FAFSA and wishes to commit to Marquette by paying the $500 deposit ($200 for commuter students) prior to receiving their financial aid package, Marquette is willing to refund the deposit if, upon reviewing their financial aid package prior to June 1, the student determines it will not be financially feasible to attend Marquette University.
  • Admissions and Financial Aid staff are available to support students and their families throughout the process.