Changes to classroom availability for events; reminders about booking space 

This semester, the university will consolidate locations for events scheduled in the evenings and on weekends to proactively enhance safety and operational efficiencies. These changes do not affect the Law School or School of Dentistry.  

Changes to classroom availability for evening and weekend events:

  • General pool and department classrooms in Emory Clark, Lalumiere and Wehr Life Sciences will not be available after 7 p.m. on weekdays. Alternate locations for evening events may be reserved though 25Live or Event Services. Department conference rooms remain available for use. 
  • Space reservations for weekend events will be centralized to the following buildings: AMU, Cudahy Hall, Engineering Hall, Haggerty Hall, Johnston Hall, Marquette Hall, O’Brien Hall, Olin Hall, Raynor Library, Sensenbrenner Hall, Weasler Auditorium and the Varsity Theatre.  
  • General pool and department classrooms in Cramer Hall, Coughlin Hall, Emory Clark, Lalumiere Hall, Wehr Life Sciences, Physician Assistant Studies, Schroeder Complex, Todd Wehr Chemistry, and William Wehr Physics will not be available on weekends. These buildings will remain accessible to those with current weekend access, such as faculty, staff and students with such clearances. 
  • Select users of 25Live in each college and school can book a restricted classroom during evenings and weekends as an exception. The Office of the Registrar shared the process for scheduling exceptions with these individuals. Exceptions include: 
    • Faculty-led academic activities related to classes that require specialized equipment or labs in a specific building 
    • Admissions/recruitment events (e.g., Discovery Days, Admitted Student Days and college-specific events) 

If special equipment or access to a lab is not required, faculty and staff should schedule the session in alternate, available space on campus through 25Live. 

Faculty and staff continue to have 24-hour access to the building in which their offices are located. Each college or school will continue to determine which students have clearance to access a building with their MUIDs outside of regular hours.  

These adjustments will not affect the process for students or student organizations requesting event space. Event Services will continue to assign the appropriate space.  

Reminder about reserving classrooms and other university spaces 

For those who book events on campus, classrooms and other spaces should be scheduled using the established protocols. 

  • Student organizations or their faculty or staff advisors should book classroom or AMU space through Event Services
  • Faculty and staff may book general pool academic space via 25Live. No student group representatives should use this system. 
  • Space in the AMU, non-academic spaces and residence hall space can be booked online through AMU Event Services by calling 8-7202 or by visiting the office in AMU 245. 

Safety reminders 

The President’s Task Force on Community Safety strongly discourages the practice of propping doors open, including classroom doors. With MUID access to general pool classrooms, students are reminded to take their MUIDs if they leave the room during class so they can re-enter. 

Marquette recommends faculty allot some time to review safety procedures, show students where they can find classroom safety signage, and encourage students to activate their EagleEye app and program MUPD’s number into their phones. Students, faculty and staff are asked to call MUPD immediately (414-288-1911) if they notice suspicious activity. 

Improving security and use of resources 

These proactive changes continue the university’s commitment to enhance campus security resulting from the President’s Task Force on Community Safety in 2022 and follow the building access changes announced in fall 2023 semester. Ongoing student and employee input to MUPD and Facilities Planning and Management indicated some personal safety concerns at night and on weekends. These changes help address these concerns and enhance campus safety. Additionally, the university will benefit from improved space efficiency and better resource allocation of custodial and maintenance staff. 

A President’s Task Force workgroup on campus access meets regularly and represents the following groups: MUPD, Event Services, Facilities Planning and Management, Information Technology Services, Office of EVP/COO, Office of the Provost, Office of the Registrar, Office of University Relations, Risk Management, Student Affairs and Office of Residence Life, and University Academic Senate.