Marquette Business

Blue & Gold Brewing’s Tasteful Tidings holiday coffee box available for purchase 

Blue & Gold Brewing LLC, a student-run business venture launched as part of an undergraduate applied learning program in the College of Business Administration, has released its first coffee products in a recently formed partnership with Stone Creek Coffee. 

The Tasteful Tidings holiday box is available for purchase on the Stone Creek Coffee website. Only 600 boxes are available for purchase, with orders taken while supplies last or until Dec. 6. 

Three coffee blends — light, medium and dark roasts — are included in the limited-edition holiday box:  

  • “Jesuit Joe,” a dark roast, will also be Blue & Gold’s first year-round product. Jesuit Joe was originally roasted for the Marquette community in 2012; it has been enhanced for Blue & Gold. 
  • “Brew the Difference” is Blue & Gold’s limited-edition light roast.  
  • “Santa’s Revenge,” Stone Creek’s annual medium roast Christmas offering, will be packaged with Blue & Gold branding. 

The price of each holiday box includes a contribution to the Blue & Gold Brewing Student Coffee Team to fuel its next adventure as a student-run business. 

Learn more about the Blue & Gold Coffee Team on Marquette Today and the Blue & Gold Brewing website