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Stories of Graduate Student Success: Nick Schneider, Biological Sciences doctoral student

Nick Schneider, a fifth year doctoral student in the Department of Biological Sciences, was recently awarded the Rev. John P. Raynor, S.J. Fellowship for the 2023-24 academic year. The fellowship is awarded to graduate students to “engage in advanced study and research to prepare themselves for professional lives of service to their community and country.”

Schneider’s research focuses on the protein pyruvate carboxylase, which is crucial for functional metabolism in humans. Schneider states, “Certain cancers love taking advantage of pyruvate carboxylase to rapidly grow and divide, making pyruvate carboxylase a promising drug target for cancer therapeutics. My project involves discovering drug-like inhibitors that target pyruvate carboxylase in cancer cells. Using verified pyruvate carboxylase inhibitors against cancer cells would cripple the cancer’s ability to depend on pyruvate carboxylase, reducing their ability to divide and metastasize.”

Schneider recently presented his work at the Midwest Enzyme Chemistry Conference and the Gordon Research Conference. He has plans to attend and present at both conferences again in 2024.

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