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Stories of Graduate Student Success: Mehrzad Ali Moin, philosophy doctoral student

Mehrzad Ali Moin, a doctoral student in the Department of Philosophy, was recently awarded the Arthur J. Schmitt Fellowship, which identifies talented Marquette doctoral students and fosters their development as socially responsible leaders in the Marquette community and beyond.

When asked to reflect on the fellowship, Mehrzad noted appreciation for the leadership development the Schmitt Fellowship provides, as well as the added benefit of increased time dedicated to his research allowing him to continue work on his dissertation, which focuses on the theme of human mortality.  Mehrzad’s research provides a comparative study of how analytic and continental philosophers have situated the issue of mortality in their respective philosophical traditions.  Mehrzad described the goal of the project “is to uncover the value that our mortality has, insofar as it plays a constitutive role in the meaningfulness of human lives, while also examining what moral obligations we have in relation to this value.  In the end, this analysis of mortality also seeks to address questions about how one’s life ought to be lived in light of mortality.”

His dissertation is entitled: Mortality and Immortality: Reconsidering Anglo-American Perspectives in Light of Kierkegaard, Heidegger and Jonas. 

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