2024 Annual Enrollment:  Primary care provider designation   

Identifying a primary care provider (PCP) is required for 2024 medical plan participants and it is recommended that employees make this designation during Annual Enrollment. See detailed instructions on how to designate during Annual Enrollment here

Why do I need to designate a Primary Care Provider (PCP)? 

A relationship with a primary care provider (PCP) is vital to ensure the highest quality of personalized medical care. Your PCP works with you as a key point of contact to help guide your care and to ensure you receive the right care when you need it. Through annual physicals, wellness visits, routine and diagnostic tests, vaccinations and medication management, your PCP knows you and can tailor your care to fit your particular needs. Our 2024 medical plan design, then, requires those enrolled in a medical plan to identify a PCP. To further reinforce the value of having a PCP, all wellness participants will have the opportunity to earn 200 wellness points for having an annual PCP visit during the 2023-2024 wellness year. 

What kind of provider is considered a PCP?  

A PCP can be a physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant in the following specialties: family practice, general practice, nonspecialized internal medicine, mental health, pediatrics or obstetrics/gynecology.  Not all physician assistants and nurse practitioners are listed in the NexusACO or UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus search engines. Sometimes they are contracted on their own – while other times they are contracted and working under the supervision of a doctor. If you do not find your provider listed, you can elect any other doctor from that same office location as a PCP and continue to get care like you normally do without any benefit disruption.  

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