15 lessons from Rev. John Naus, S.J.

See written on the forehead of everyone you meet, ‘Make me feel important’

Rev. John Naus, S.J., was a Marquette icon and grandfather to all in the university family. He never failed to brighten our days with his jolly presence and wide smile. The beloved priest touched the lives of many. For evidence of this, just take a look at the #FatherNausTaughtMe hashtag on Twitter, started by Jessica Herrick, Arts ‘10.

Fr. Naus died on Sept. 22, 2013, after serving the campus community for 50 years. Marquette is celebrating his life with a Mass on Friday, Sept. 22, at St. Joan of Arc Chapel.

Fr. Naus was a philosophy teacher whose wisdom continued to resonate far beyond the walls of his classroom. We remember the many lessons taught by Fr. Naus. Here are just a few, Originally published Sept. 26, 2013.

1. Recognize each other for all that they are and do

“See written on the forehead of everyone you meet today ‘Make me feel important.’”

2. We are all family

Photo from Dan Voors.

3. A sense of humor is the secret for a happy life…and marriage

Photo from Dan Voors

4. A smile is power

5. Love one another

“Love everyone, because each person has a story”

Photo from Sarah Butler

6. Laughter is the best medicine

7. You are never alone. God is always with you.

8. The small things DO matter

9. Success lies in true happiness

“We rarely succeed at anything unless we have fun doing it.”

10. Learning extends beyond the classroom’s walls

11. ALWAYS be kind

12. Age is merely a number

13. Embrace yourself!

14. Not all clowns are scary and balloon animals are appreciated at any age

15. Your spirit will live on