Improved student employee wage structure to take effect Aug. 13

Federal Work Study allocations up nearly 50% since 2019-20

Marquette University is implementing an updated student employee wage structure beginning on Sunday, Aug. 13.  The new structure was designed with a focus on equitably compensating student employees for their work on campus and being competitive in the market.  

The changes also capitalize on a significant increase in Marquette’s allocation for Federal Work Study funding; important, as many employers hire students through Federal Work Study.  

The new structure follows a nine-month review conducted by a committee of student employment supervisors from throughout the university in collaboration with Human Resources. Analyzing the skills and experience necessary for various student jobs, the committee developed a new wage architecture — moving from a five- to four-tier pay structure. 

Student Wage LevelsPrevious pay structureNew pay structure
Level 1$7.25 – $8.25$7.25 – $11
Level 2$7.30 – $9$8.70 – $13
Level 3$7.40 – $9.80$10 – $15.75
Level 4$7.70 – $12$12.50 – $18.75
Level 5$8.20 – $15N/A

Roles were categorized based on skills required, previous required training and experience, level of responsibility and link to departmental operation. 

Improving the student employee wage structure is important to the student experience, according to Susan Teerink, associate vice provost for financial aid and enrollment services.  

“Our research shows that students who work on campus are more engaged and therefore are more satisfied with their Marquette experience and more likely to complete their education here,” Teerink says. “Marquette is also an ideal employer — here, students are students first. Campus employment provides the flexibility students need if they have an exam or other academic conflict with their work schedule.” 

Federal Work Study allocations up nearly 50% since 2019-20 

Marquette Student Employment positions are available to any student at Marquette University regardless of their financial aid status. Jobs are available on and off campus, and many employers hire through Federal Work Study or MSE.  

Importantly, Marquette’s allocation for Federal Work Study has increased markedly over the past several years and now stands at more than $2.5 million — a 48% increase since 2019-20.  

Student wage increases help the university make more prudent use of these funds, as the university faces a fiscal obligation to fully utilize its federal work study allocation: undisbursed funds must be returned to the Department of Education, and future allocations may be reduced. 

More information about student employment is available on the Student Employment webpage.