Priestly callings: Two graduates find spiritual purpose at Marquette

Anselm Smith, Arts ’23 and Noah Smith, Arts ’23, no relation, are both entering the priesthood after graduating from Marquette.

There’s something special about Marquette’s campus, from its sacred spaces to the community it fosters.

Whether the St. Joan of Arc Chapel, Interfaith Meditation Space or a typical classroom, there are many spots across campus where students can practice discernment and get in touch with their faith.

Two such students are Anselm Smith, Arts ’23, and Noah Smith, Arts ’23, (no relation) — both who graduated this spring and are beginning their journey into the priesthood, entering their respective orders: the Dehonians for Anselm, the Jesuits for Noah.

Read their stories below.

Having dismissed thoughts of priesthood, Noah Smith now ready to enter Jesuit formation

No vacation from vocation as Anselm Smith enters seminary