Marquette’s contract with Civitas Learning expiring June 27

Marquette’s contract with Civitas Learning will expire on Tuesday, June 27, as the university transitions to new solutions as part of its Student Success Initiative

Over the past six years, Marquette has become more sophisticated in identifying the needs of students as well as delivering tailored assistance to help students succeed. The partnership between Marquette and Civitas Learning has been instrumental in driving this progress. All data and notes in Civitas tools will be downloaded and securely archived. 

Two current capital projects are dedicated to student well-being: the Lemonis Center for Student Success and the reimagined Wellness + Recreation facility. The Lemonis Center will serve as a central hub for a campuswide network of academic resources and offices dedicated to student success, as well as student study and tutoring spaces. 

The Wellness + Recreation facility will bring together campus fitness and recreation facilities with the Counseling Center and the Marquette University Medical Clinic — centralizing student services that are currently dispersed across campus.