Help keep campus safe and clean: springtime reminders

As the Milwaukee weather gets nicer, members of the Marquette community are asked to follow policies and engage in behaviors that fall in line with the university’s expectations around respecting others and our environment. 


In accordance with City of Milwaukee ordinances and for everyone’s safety and health, all dogs must be on a leash of no longer than six feet in public places. Waste must be picked up and placed in a garbage receptacle. 

For health, sanitary and noise reasons, fish are the only pets permitted in residence halls. Each student in a room is limited to one 10-gallon tank. The only animals allowed in these tanks are fish. Students are responsible for taking fish home over the break period or finding safe, alternative accommodations. 

Motorized scooters 

To protect pedestrian and vehicular safety, Marquette prohibits electric scooters (and other electric or gas-powered vehicles including, but not limited to, electric skateboards, hoverboards, Segways, electric bicycles and mopeds) on all campus property, including walkways and sidewalks within the campus. 

Please note that this prohibition does not affect the operation of electric wheelchairs or other assistive devices, or vehicles which have been approved for operation on campus by an appropriate university authority, e.g., Marquette University Police Department, Parking Services, Office for Disability Services, Human Resources Department. 

MUPD will enforce this policy, and all city ordinances related to scooter (or other motor vehicle) operations, particularly the use of motorized vehicles on public sidewalks, which is strictly prohibited. 

Bicycles and scooters 

Bicycles and scooters are not allowed inside academic buildings.  

Within residence halls, bikes are allowed in rooms but they may not be parked in the hallways. Students may store their bikes in the bike corral in the Wells Street Parking Structure. Contact Parking Services at 288-6911 for more information. 


Members of the Marquette community are expected to place trash in bins to keep our campus clean. 

Recycling is easy thanks to Marquette’s single-stream recycling program. All acceptable recyclables can be placed in any campus recycling bin — no sorting necessary — including the small blue recycling bins in classrooms and offices. Find out more information from the Office of Sustainability. 

Please do your part to keep our campus safe, sanitary and welcoming for all.