From Death to Life

By Michael Dante, director of the Faber Center for Ignatian Spirituality

As the Christian community approaches Holy Week, the focus moves to Jesus approaching death.  We recall how he is betrayed, tried, sentenced to death, crucified, and buried.  It is a time of great sorrow and sadness. Yet, the power of Easter Sunday with his resurrection reverses everything.  Death, the grave, and sorrow are replaced with new life, hope, and rejoicing.  As much as the power of the resurrection was active in Jesus it is still active today.  It serves as a powerful source of hope that our own death like moments and the despair around us, do not have the final word.  Like the early disciples, we may not recognize it. Yet, it is still happening.  So, may this time be a moment for our eyes to be opened and to see more clearly where the new life is bursting forth.