Black-Brown Get Down: ‘There’s No Place Like Home,’ April 4

All students are invited to the next Black-Brown Get Down on Tuesday, April 4, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the 707 Hub.  

This month’s gathering will focus on the theme of “There’s No Place Like Home: Building a Sense of Belonging” and will feature discussions facilitated by student-leaders around how we define “home” and ways that we can work collaboratively across racial and ethnic lines to build a sense of home and community here at Marquette.  

Additionally, special guest historians — Dr. Sergio Gonzalez, Dr. Rob Smith, and Adam Carr — will provide some historical context around points of Black-Brown conflict and solidarity so that we can learn from the lessons of the past to co-create a brighter future.  

Students from all racial/ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to participate in the conversation.

These monthly student-led gatherings are designed to build community, cultivate cultural awareness and foster solidarity among students across racial and ethnic boundaries.  

Each session explores the challenges and joys of being a student of color and the ways we are all connected. The sessions also feature food from local Black- and brown-owned businesses.  

Black-Brown Get Downs are sponsored by the Educational Opportunity Program, the Center for Engagement and Inclusion and the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion.  

For questions, please contact Jacki Black, Tamra Keith or JohnRae’ Stowers.