Beyond MU webinar: ‘Faith Sharing with Amy Lovell,’ March 28

Beyond MU: Lifelong Learning will host a webinar titled “Faith Sharing with Amy Lovell” on Tuesday, March 28, at noon. Register online. 

Join for an inspiring Lenten conversation with Amy Lovell as she discusses her faith journey, her relationship with prayer in Christ and her deep rootedness in the lived anticipation of promised new life in Easter amidst the joys and challenges of our loves and lives. 

Faith Sharing is a virtual event series hosted by Dr. Kathy Coffey-Guenther, Arts ’85, Grad ’88, ’98, senior advancement officer for alumni spirituality. Each program features a Marquette leader or alumnus who reflects on their faith as we explore holy invitations in their lives and the influence a growing faith can have on them over a lifetime.