8 great things (you may not know) about Marquette

#1 Our home is Milwaukee, Wisconsin

(Not Marquette, Michigan.) A 90-minute drive north from Chicago, Milwaukee is consistently ranked as one of the most affordable places to live in the country. Lake Michigan is a short walk from campus, and the lakefront boasts a renowned art museum, festival grounds, parks and beaches, and our thriving downtown is filled with rich history, diversity and a vibrant nightlife. Although known for beer, brats and festivals, Milwaukee was also recognized in 2023 by National Geographic as one of the best travel destinations.

#2 Everyone knows a little Latin here.

Phrases like “cura personalis” (care for the whole person) and “magis” (translated as more, also understood as seeking universal good) are concepts rooted in our Catholic, Jesuit tradition and influence our approach to education and life in general. Our mission is a part of everything we do as we strive to develop men and women for and with others.

#3 We’re ranked 6th in the country for job placement.

Thanks to strong industry relations, plentiful internships and co-op opportunities, an active alumni network, and career services support, Marquette was ranked 6th nationally and first in Wisconsin for job placement 10 years after graduation, based on Department of Education College Scorecard data. Check out some of the jobs our students are securing on the You Are Marquette Instagram!

#4 We’re home to orcs, goblins, elves and quidditch.

Marquette’s Raynor Memorial Libraries are home to the J.R.R. Tolkien Collection that includes original manuscripts and drafts of three of the author’s most celebrated books — The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and Farmer Giles of Ham, as well as other Tolkien memorabilia. Beyond quidditch, we also have over 40 club and recreation sports and more than 300 student organizations — there’s truly something for everyone.

#5 We’re the first coeducational Catholic School in the world to educate women alongside men.

In 1909, Marquette President Father James McCabe, S.J., began to permit women to enroll in Bachelor of Arts classes at a new summer school. Despite initial pushback, his bold action paved the way for gender equity at Marquette University as the first Catholic institution of higher education to admit both men and women into its core undergraduate academic program.

#6 There’s history on campus dating back to the year 1420.

St. Joan of Arc Chapel, originally constructed in early 15th century France, was rebuilt in the heart of campus brick by brick in the 1960s and dedicated in 1966. This medieval treasure remains a favorite spot for students, alumni and curious travelers alike. And its Tuesday Night Masses have been celebrated by generations of Marquette students.

#7 Our alumni are 115,000+ strong.

A network spanning all 50 states and many parts of the globe, our alumni community has rallied to support our students and our campus through Time To Rise, the Marquette Promise to Be The Difference, which is working to raise $750 million to expand student opportunities, support our teacher-scholars, foster university innovation, and transform our campus environment. Get within earshot of a Marquette event and you will hear our rallying cry: We Are! Marquette!

#8 We’re pretty good at basketball.

But you already knew that. We also have 14 other NCAA Division I athletics teams that compete in the Big East, offering a dynamic experience for student-athletes and spectators. Go Golden Eagles!