Safety Task Force efforts help lead to reduced crime on campus

The Marquette University Police Department is reporting reduced crime on campus in the months following MUPD implementing the initiatives recommended by the President’s Task Force on Community Safety last year. President Lovell shared the following update during his ninth annual Presidential Address.

Comparing data for the six months prior to the task force with six months after shows the following trends:

  • 46% decrease in robberies
  • 26% decrease in motor vehicle thefts

The Safety Task Force was established to address safety and security on campus and in the community through actionable and lasting solutions for individual and institutional safety measures, communications, resources and partnerships. Twelve priorities resulted from the work, with eight complete and four in progress:

  • Complete: Reimagine campus transportation
  • Complete: Establish a Behavioral Health Unit within MUPD
  • Complete: Expand safety alert text availability to parents via an improved technology platform
  • Complete: Develop a holistic safety website
  • Complete: Create new safety signage for campus and the nearby neighborhood
  • Complete: Create a student tour of the Near West Side neighborhood
  • Complete: Purchase two mobile cameras/lights for MUPD to deploy to areas of repeat crime
  • Complete: Increase annual budget for camera maintenance and repair
  • In progress: Complete a campus lighting assessment and involve city officials for updates to public lighting
  • In progress: Expand the MUPD police aide program
  • In progress: Increase “under surveillance” signage on campus
  • In progress: Establish the Marquette University Enhancing Safety Through Environmental Design Committee (ESTED)