We are Marquette – OUR seeking inspirational student stories

The Office of University Relations is always looking for new ways to engage our extraordinary Marquette community and tell the stories of those students who are achieving great things. If you want to share your story, or that of a friend, please fill out the form below. 

We are interested in hearing about students with: 

  • Unique career opportunities and aspirations: Do you or a student you know have a fun job or one lined up for after graduation? How is Marquette aiding your journey toward who and what you want to be? (Example: Kaitlyn Bross spent her summer driving the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile.) 
  • Stories of perseverance: What obstacles have you overcome in your life? How has your path to (and through) Marquette prepared you for life after graduation? (Example: Lisa Koykar was a Marquette nursing student formerly in foster care who beat the odds.) 
  • Unique accomplishments: Are you well known for something that is separate from your academic/college life? Have you already had your 15 minutes of fame? Or do you have plans on how to get your time in the spotlight? (Example: Emery Lehman is an Olympic speed skater.) 
  • You tell us! What makes your journey to (or through) Marquette special? 

These stories may be shared with the campus community through social media, Marquette Today or other university publications, or with the news media. 

**Not all stories will be featured, but students we hope to feature will be contacted by the Office of University Relations for more information. 

To submit a student’s story, complete the online form.