LifeMatters: A New Employee Assistance Program

As we prepare for the holidays and the Gift of Time, it’s important to be aware of the stressors in our daily lives – especially those that surface during the holidays.

You may have read about the new Employee Assistance Program (EAP), LifeMatters, that was included in the annual enrollment materials. LifeMatters will officially launch Sunday, Jan. 1; however, counselors and work/life advisors will be available beginning Thursday, Dec. 15, to ensure there is an easy transition for anyone currently using Advocate Aurora EAP services or those who are newly in need of counseling services or advice.

For EAP services from this point on:

  • If you are currently working with an Advocate Aurora counselor and want to conclude your six free sessions with that person, you may do so. Their number is: (800) 236-3231.
  • If you need counseling services beginning Dec. 15 or later, contact LifeMatters directly at: 1-800-634-6433 or through their website.

As a reminder, the EAP offers up to six free sessions per situation with a counselor for a variety of needs. You can find more details on the HR website.

Marquette contracts for EAP services for all members of your immediate household, including students away at school. This program is a confidential, voluntary program provided at no cost to you and gives you access to a network of highly trained, professional therapists that handle short-term issues.

In December’s Live Well, Work Well newsletter, you’ll find tips to help you maintain your physical and emotional health during the holidays and form good habits to take you into the new year.