Faculty activities database refresh coming in 2023 

The faculty activity tracking database, commonly referred to as the FAD, is getting a significant refresh in spring 2023. This update is necessary to ensure Marquette remains current with vendor updates.  

A task force of more than a dozen faculty and staff, with representation across all colleges and schools, is now reviewing all database fields to determine modification needs. The task force will complete this review in the coming weeks.

Changes to the FAD will take effect after Mar. 1, 2023, giving faculty sufficient time to update their FAD information prior to college/school deadlines for performance review.  

Additional communication will be provided as progress continues. Notification of the exact spring refresh date will be provided well in advance along with appropriate training materials to ensure a smooth transition. 

Please contact Dr. Gary Meyer or Dr. Scott D’Urso, task force co-chairs, with any questions about this update.