Marquette to participate in HLC accreditation reaffirmation in 2023-24

An icon graphic representing Pursuit of Academic Excellence for Human Well-beingMarquette went through its last Higher Learning Commission accreditation reaffirmation process in 2013-14 and is scheduled again in 2023-24. The reaffirmation process is an opportunity for Marquette to document the excellent work we do as a university, and it provides assurance that we are meeting and exceeding the expectations of various constituencies. The reaffirmation process also provides the chance to reflect on our work and identify both strengths and opportunities for improvement.

An 11-person steering committee led by Dr. Gary Meyer, senior vice provost for faculty affairs, will provide overall direction and leadership for the reaffirmation process.

The key dates in the HLC reaffirmation of accreditation process include:

Fall 2021 — Subcommittees organized; evidence gathered and outline created

Spring/Summer 2022 — Self-study draft completed

Fall 2022 — Feedback obtained from internal reviewers; presentations to internal constituents (Academic and Staff Senates, ULC, Board of Trustees, MUSG, the Graduate Student Organization, colleges/schools, LEAD, other units as requested)

Spring 2023 — Feedback obtained from campus community; self-study revised based on feedback

Summer 2023 — Prepare for HLC site visit; submit self-study to HLC

Fall 2023 — HLC peer review team conducts site visit

Spring 2024 — HLC provides Marquette with their decision regarding reaffirmation of accreditation, called the Statement of Affiliation Status.

Learn more at the university’s accreditation reaffirmation website. Watch for additional updates in Marquette Today.