New evening swipe-in access to the AMU begins on Monday

MU Snow, AMU, building, Alumni Memorial Union, Winter, photographer dan johnson

As part of President Lovell’s initial safety actions announcement two weeks ago, Marquette operations, facilities and ITS staff, in collaboration with Marquette University Police Department, evaluated and identified solutions to improve campus building security. Beginning Monday, new security measures for the Alumni Memorial Union will be implemented.

Each evening at 8 p.m. the entrances to the AMU will lock, and there will be two ways to access the building:

  1. Those with valid MU IDs will be able to swipe to access the building at the east and northwest entrances. (The southwest entrance will have swipe-in capabilities when new equipment arrives.)
  2. Campus guests can call the front desk phone number to request access, and the front desk will connect with a building supervisor to allow guests to enter.

Signs will be posted at all AMU entrances to drive awareness of the building access changes, and signage at the southwest entry will direct cardholders to utilize the northwest entry and prompt non-cardholders to call the posted front desk number.

The university has ordered new equipment, and when it arrives, new entry systems will be established at all AMU entrances with the ability for the front desk staff to buzz in guests without MU IDs.

In unique situations when there is a large event involving guests held at the AMU after business hours, the AMU facilities team will work with event hosts to determine appropriate access protocols and maintain security.

Watch Marquette Today for more updates on campus building security enhancements.