Participating faculty awarded funding for research by Office of the Provost

Four faculty members were awarded funding by the Office of the Provost for research support.

  • Dr. Claire Kirchhoff, clinical associate professor of biomedical sciences, for “Aggression and dental trauma in primates”
  • Dr. Sukanya Lodh, visiting assistant professor of biological sciences for “Biodegradation of cyanotoxins from waterbodies using alga Chlamydomonas”
  • Dr. Michael Olson, visiting assistant professor of philosophy, for “Epistemic Joy”
  • Dr. Melissa Shew, visiting associate professor of philosophy, for “From embryology to empire: Tracing the enlightenment life sciences”

The Office of the Provost announced in September it had allocated $10,000 to be distributed to participating faculty for professional development activities during the 2021-22 academic year and $10,000 to be distributed to participating faculty for research support.

These research and professional development funds for participating faculty are a result of the Participating Faculty Task Force recommendations for improving the participating faculty experience at Marquette.