Back together: Preparing for your return to campus

The Marquette student experience is built on community and working together to serve the common good, which is foundational to our Catholic, Jesuit mission. We are excited for faculty and staff to be back together so that we may provide the best in-person learning opportunity and we can more fully interact, innovate, collaborate, and solve problems in service to our students and each other. Thank you to the many Marquette employees who remained on campus throughout the past 16 months to ensure that our students and community had a safe, welcoming environment.

As announced earlier this month, employees who are still working remotely are expected to return to campus by Aug. 16 (or by the start date of their fall contract). Supervisors and other unit leaders will be reaching out to their teams in the coming weeks to discuss the transition back to campus. Unlike the abrupt exit many had from campus last March, we ask that you take this summer to transition and adjust to your return.

Following are some tips, best practices and other guidelines as we come back together:

Safety, health and wellness

  • We strongly encourage faculty and staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19 for your safety and well-being and to help protect your colleagues, our students and the broader community. Please upload proof of your vaccination status as soon as possible. More information and instructions are available on Marquette Today and the COVID-19 FAQ page.
  • Please be respectful of your colleagues’ privacy. Not all are comfortable sharing their personal information, and silence should not be interpreted as approval or disapproval of vaccines.
  • While there is no longer a mask requirement in place, we strongly encourage employees who are unvaccinated, immunocompromised or at high risk for COVID-19 complications to continue wearing a mask while indoors. Masks are still required in health care spaces including on-campus clinics, as well as in LIMOs.
  • If you need to request an accommodation due to a medically documented reason, you can apply or reapply for summer or fall 2021 via the Human Resources website.
  • The challenges of the past year have resulted in work and non-work stress. As we move forward, HR will continue to provide resources and support for the transition and changes that may bring about mental health challenges and anxiety. Please visit the Wellness website for information about the mental health resources available.


  • As you transition to on-campus work, all Marquette owned technology equipment (e.g., laptops, monitors, keyboards, mouses, headsets, etc.) should be brought back to campus.
  • Telephone or computer issues may occur, so please use this transition time to return to campus to test your equipment prior to your full return.
  • IT Services recommends using a hardwired network connection when at your desk. If you experience network connectivity issues, please try rebooting your computer. For wireless connectivity issues, please ensure you are connected to “MU Secure.”
  • Log on to your computer and test all computer applications.
  • Confirm your phone is active by checking for a dial tone and making a test call.
  • For IT assistance, contact or (414) 288-7799.

Offices and space considerations

  • If you took office furniture (e.g., desk chairs, etc.) to your home, please return it to campus.
  • This transition period is a great time to purge — many of us have realized we can work without old materials, such as paper files. Facilities Planning and Management can assist by providing materials to assist in a “purge day.”
  • Regular cleaning of office spaces has resumed; however, please remember to put trash and recycle bins outside your office door to be emptied.
  • Spaces can be occupied at regular capacity without physical distancing requirements.

Guidance on possible hybrid work arrangements
The university has developed a hybrid work arrangement policy for staff, which is available online. Given Marquette’s goal to provide the best in-person learning opportunity for our students and to more fully interact, innovate, collaborate and solve problems with one another, hybrid work arrangements will be limited.

Please visit the return-to-campus and hybrid work arrangements page of the COVID-19 site for additional guidance and resources.

Watch Marquette Today for additional updates on returning to a once again lively, thriving campus.