For faculty and staff: Important student vaccine requirement information and next steps

As announced earlier today, Marquette will be requiring that all students (undergraduate, graduate, professional) who will be attending classes during the 2021-22 academic year be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by Aug. 1, 2021.

Because transmission of the virus is more likely to happen in shared spaces where students live and gather, we are not requiring that faculty and staff be vaccinated against COVID-19, but we strongly encourage you to get vaccinated for your safety and well-being and to help protect your colleagues, our students and our broader community.

For those who provide proof of vaccination status, once your vaccination forms are submitted and verified, you will no longer be required to complete the daily COVID Cheq screening.

Following is important information and instructions to help you. Additionally, we have detailed information to help answer many of your questions on the FAQ page of the COVID-19 website.

Uploading your proof of vaccination
You can upload your vaccine dates and record of vaccination on the MU Patient Portal. You will need to enter your vaccine dates under the “Immunizations” tab and upload a copy of your vaccine card or other proof of vaccination under the “Upload” tab. Official documentation (i.e., the vaccination card you received from the provider who administered your vaccine) that shows an FDA or WHO approved COVID-19 vaccine. Proof of vaccination can also be obtained from your state immunization registry or the provider that administered the vaccine.

Getting your vaccine
The Marquette Medical Clinic has the Johnson & Johnson vaccine available until June 20.  Please call (414) 288-7184 to schedule an appointment. See where else you can get the COVID-19 vaccine near campus.

What to do about COVID Cheq
Once your vaccination forms are submitted and verified, you will no longer be required to complete the daily COVID Cheq screening. Please note that verification of vaccination status could take up to two weeks due to expected volume. This protocol will go into effect July 19, but you can upload your vaccination information at any time. You will continue to receive and are expected to complete COVID Cheq until at least July 19.

COVID Cheq will continue to be required to enter the libraries, Marquette dining halls, the recreation facilities and other venues. As of July 19, students, faculty and staff whose vaccine status has been validated by the Medical Clinic will receive an email each day with a “Green Badge” and will no longer need to complete the daily COVID Cheq screening. Individuals who become symptomatic will be required to resume symptom screening through COVID Cheq.

Your privacy
Marquette will continue to comply with all applicable privacy, confidentiality and public health laws relating to collection and maintenance of health-related records. The university recognizes the importance of protecting private health information and will protect faculty, student and staff privacy by limiting what sensitive information is collected, who has access to it, how it is used and how long it is retained to the extent possible while protecting public health.

Vaccine information provided to the Medical Clinic is protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The COVID Cheq application will be linked to vaccine status as recorded in the Medical System (Medicat), to determine if the employee is no longer required to get the daily COVID Cheq questions.

Please visit the FAQ page of the COVID-19 website for all other detailed information.