On-campus event/space protocols remain in place; summer event planning underway

Event and space proposals required for planned summer events

University leaders are closely monitoring emerging guidance from state and local health officials, and the COVID-19 Recovery Planning Team will soon announce decisions related to event capacity limits and other mitigation measures for the summer. Meantime, Marquette University continues to follow the protocols and processes for on-campus events as outlined in Step 4 of the Recovery Plan.

Please note that current CDC guidance regarding three-foot social distancing protocols applies to the K-12 environment only. Marquette continues to adhere to six-foot social distancing guidelines.

At this point, on-campus and off-campus, indoor or outdoor, events currently cannot exceed 50 people and must comply with current room capacities for campus spaces with physical distancing in place. This aligns with the 50-person cap for academic spaces. A detailed outline of event guidelines can be found on page 65 of the Recovery Plan, Step 4.

Individuals, departments or other units who wish to plan an event or request space this summer must send a proposal to the COVID-19 Recovery Team. The event proposal form is available online at marquette.edu/event-services.

Watch Marquette Today for updated summer event guidelines.