COVID-19 vaccination update: Marquette to receive limited vaccines the week of March 15

As determined by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Marquette University will receive a limited supply of vaccines the week of March 15. Please note that vaccines are still in limited supply and allocations are not yet available for all who are eligible.

Pre-registration for eligible faculty and staff who have direct student contact continues — most should have received the survey. The university will begin surveying student employees who have direct student contact next week. The final pre-registration group will be all faculty, staff and student employees who are remote or on campus fewer than one day per week.

Important reminder: Please respond to the survey even if you have received vaccine elsewhere or are declining via the opt out function. If you pre-register and then get vaccinated elsewhere, please cancel your pre-registration by using the cancel/retake link on your preregistration confirmation email.

Those faculty or staff who have pre-registered for additional opportunities to receive vaccine through Froedtert may start scheduling appointments now. Information on how to schedule appointments at Froedtert is sent directly to Marquette email addresses.

The university apologizes for any duplicate or repetitive emails sent to Marquette community members who already completed the pre-registration survey as we work through technical difficulties with the survey platform.

Due to increased COVID-19 vaccine availability, the Milwaukee Health Department has now opened registration to those who work in higher education with direct student contact. Eligible individuals can now make appointments online at or by calling (414) 286-6800.

If you are eligible and can receive the vaccine from other sources (e.g., primary care doctor, hospital system, pharmacies, etc.) before it’s available to you at Marquette, you are encouraged to do so. Milwaukee County created HealthyMKE, a COVID-19 vaccine resource website for residents to check if they are eligible for the vaccine. The website also provides links to various vaccination sites throughout the county.

DHS to expand vaccine availability March 29
The Wisconsin DHS recently announced that people age 16 and older with certain medical conditions will be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine beginning March 29. This eligibility group includes individuals with medical conditions associated with an increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19. Based on the recent and anticipated increases in vaccine availability, DHS anticipates the general public will be eligible for the vaccine sometime in May.

Important reminders:

  • Please do not call or email the medical clinic or COVID hotline to ask when vaccine will be available to you.
  • The State of Wisconsin, NOT Marquette University, determines vaccine eligibility criteria. More information on the state’s eligibility requirements is available online.
  • For vaccine help, Wisconsin residents can now call the COVID-19 Vaccine Assistance Hotline at (844) 684-1064
    In addition to the numerous resources available on the Wisconsin Department of Health Services’ COVID-19 vaccine page, Wisconsinites can now call (844) 684-1064 (toll-free) for personal assistance with their vaccine-related questions.
  • You must get both doses at the same facility
    If you get your first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine off campus, you cannot get your second dose at Marquette. Second doses are automatically allocated by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services to the vaccination site that provided your first dose. If you received your dose elsewhere, including out of state, that site is responsible for your second dose.
  • Once fully vaccinated, you must still wear your mask and practice social distancing.

Please submit all COVID-19-related questions via Marquette’s coronavirus website.