Marquette Dining Services to offer two new programs this semester

Marquette Dining Services will offer two new programs this spring semester.

The Eat Local program
Milwaukee restaurants and Marquette Dining Services will partner to present the “Eat Local” program. Twice per month, local businesses will come to Marquette to share their culinary cuisines. These events are included in the meal plan and are intended to introduce students to unique restaurants in Milwaukee. This is a great opportunity to help support local businesses affected by COVID-19.

The Pop-Up Kitchen
Every Tuesday and Thursday the culinary teams will feature a pop-up kitchen in Marquette Place to introduce new food options for students. The first pop-up had more than 60 students stop in to try soups from The Soup Market and artisan breads baked fresh in Marquette’s campus bakery.

Both of these programs aim to expand the Marquette culinary experience and add value to students’ meal plans.