COVID-19 vaccination update

The Marquette University Medical Clinic is now administering a limited supply of vaccines on campus to people in specific eligible populations as defined by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and the City of Milwaukee Health Department.

The current eligible populations, pertinent to Marquette, are frontline health care personnel, police personnel and adults ages 65 or over.

The Medical Clinic will contact those eligible individuals directly to schedule a vaccination appointment. Please do not call or email the medical clinic or COVID hotline to ask when vaccine will be available to you. 

If you are eligible and can receive the vaccine from other sources (i.e. primary care doctor, hospital system, etc.) before it’s available to you at Marquette, you are encouraged to do so.

Individuals ages 65 years and older who are residents of the City of Milwaukee can now register online to receive their COVID-19 vaccination from the City of Milwaukee Health Department.

Those who are eligible can schedule their appointment by visiting In order to schedule your appointment, you will need to provide a phone number and email address. If you do not have both an email and phone number or need additional assistance, please contact the MHD hotline at 2-1-1 or email at

You must get both doses at the same facility
If you get your first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine off-campus, you cannot get your second dose at Marquette. Second doses are automatically allocated by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services to the vaccination site that provided your first dose. If you received your dose elsewhere, including out of state, that site is responsible for your second dose.

Please note, once fully vaccinated, you must still wear your mask and practice social distancing.

Please submit all COVID-19-related questions via Marquette’s coronavirus website.

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