COVID-19 vaccination progress update 

The Marquette University Medical Clinic was approved to become a COVID-19 vaccinator and is currently awaiting arrival of vaccines on-campus.  

The Medical Clinic anticipates arrival of vaccines soon. However, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services stated this week that the current demand for COVID-19 vaccines far exceeds supply. This is expected to continue over the next few weeks as demand grows, and supplies remain flat. Organizations should anticipate not receiving the entire amount of vaccine requested for the weekAdditionally, due to high demand, it may not be possible to provide vaccines to every vaccinator site. 

Once available, the university will begin administering the vaccine to students, faculty and staff based on their priority group as defined by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services/the City of Milwaukee Health Department.  

Currently eligible populations include: 

  • Frontline health care personnel 
  • Residents in skilled nursing and long-term care facilities 
  • Police and fire personnel, correctional staff 
  • Adults ages 65 and over 

The next eligible groups are: 

  • Education and childcare workers 
  • Some public-facing essential workers 
  • Non-frontline essential health care personnel 

Distribution to the general population is not expected until later this spring. 

The Medical Clinic has worked directly with departments/colleges across campus to identify who falls into current eligible populations and will contact those people directly once vaccines are available on-campus.  

The university asks for patience as the Medical Clinic awaits availability of vaccines. The Medical Clinic will work through eligible groups as quickly as possible once vaccines are available. Please do not call the clinic or the COVID hotline to ask when the vaccine will be available to you. You will receive communication when you are eligible AND when it’s available on-campus 

Note: If an individual falls into a high-risk group, they will be eligible to receive the vaccine whether they are in-person or not. However, they may also get vaccinated more quickly through their own healthcare system.   

You may be eligible to get the vaccine before it’s available at Marquette  if you are eligible and can receive the vaccine sooner from other sources (i.e. primary care doctor, hospital system, etc.), you are encouraged to do so. 

You must get both doses at the same facility
Please note if you get your first dose off-campus you cannot get your second dose at Marquette. Second doses are automatically allocated by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services to the vaccination site that gave provided your first dose. If you received your dose elsewhere, including out of state, that site is responsible for your second dose.   

Adults ages 65 and older
Some members of the Marquette community who are ages 65 and older are now eligible to receive the vaccine per the state’s rollout (starting Jan25, this group became eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in Wisconsin)Per the DHS’ website, there are approximately 700,000 Wisconsinites who are 65 and older and Wisconsin currently receives around 70,000 first-dose vaccines per week from the federal government. It will take time to vaccinate this population in Wisconsin. 

Educators and those working in childcare
The Wisconsin Department of Health Services anticipates the following groups will be eligible for the vaccine around March 1 (pending Wisconsin’s vaccine supply from the federal government): 

  • Faculty and staff in higher education settings who have direct student contact. 
  • Note: This group is defined as any instructor teaching in-person and includes teaching assistants.
  • All staff in regulated childcare, public and private school programs, out-of-school time programs, virtual learning support and community learning center programs.
  • All staff in Boys and Girls Clubs and YMCAs.
  • All staff in preschool and Head Start through K-12 education settings. 

Please note that the projected March 1 date is dependent on supply. This will be a large group in WisconsinIf the federal government increases Wisconsin’s vaccine allocation, vaccinations for these groups may begin before March 1. If Wisconsin receives less vaccine than expected in the coming weeks, this date could be pushed back. 

Learn more about the vaccine rollout in Wisconsin. 

Please submit all COVID-19-related questions via Marquette’s coronavirus website. 

Watch Marquette Today for future COVID-19 vaccine updates.

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