CheckMarq updates to allow for class withdrawals and mobile-friendly class registration

Over the next few days, students will experience four important updates to class registration in CheckMarq. 

Single class withdrawals
Undergraduate and graduate students are now able to process most single class withdrawals directly within CheckMarq. A class withdrawal is when a class is dropped after the add/drop deadline, leading to a withdrawal grade being assigned to the class that appears on the transcript. In fall and spring terms, full-time students will be able to process single class withdrawals in CheckMarq if the withdrawal does not drop them below full-time status (12 credits for undergraduate students, 7 credits for graduate students). The steps to withdraw from a class in CheckMarq are the same as dropping a class. For more information, including important academic and financial implications to consider, see Dropping and Withdrawing from Classes. 

User interface
On Monday, Feb. 8, the mobile-friendly user interface introduced to CheckMarq last year is being extended to the pages in the “Manage Classes” tile used to search for classes, process adds, drops, swaps and view your class schedule. These updates will make the class registration process easier on all types of devices, including phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. For more information, see Registration for Classes 

Register in Schedule Planner
Schedule Planner is being updated on Monday, Feb. 8, to allow students to complete all registration actions directly within the application. In the past, Schedule Planner was used exclusively to build a class schedule, which then had to be sent to CheckMarq to complete the registration process. With this update, the registration steps can be completed within Schedule Planner, including adds, drops and swaps. For more information, see Using Schedule Planner. 

Preregistration Cheq
Prior to registering for classes each term, students will be required to complete a “Preregistration Cheq” in CheckMarq. This allows students to complete their mandatory financial and academic integrity agreements in advance of their registration appointment time, leaving fewer steps to complete at the point of registration. Students will receive an email when the Preregistration Cheq is available for each registration period, and the checklist can be accessed through a link in the email or by logging into CheckMarq. The Preregistration Cheq for summer 2021 is being released on Monday, Feb. 8, in advance of the start of summer 2021 class registration on Tuesday, Feb. 16. For more information, see Completing Preregistration Cheq 

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