Instructors: you can now view student COVID Cheq completion status for your classes

Beginning on Monday, Jan. 25, instructors will have access to “class lists” in which they can view students’ COVID Cheq statuses. Before class, instructors are encouraged to check their class list to verify if any students have not completed COVID Cheq for the day.

The new class lists feature is also intended to help instructors enforce the daily health screening requirement — a key element of Marquette’s overall institutional strategy for risk mitigation to protect the campus community. For students with a pattern of non-completion, instructors can email the student directly or notify their associate dean or college assistant.

Note: Class lists will NOT show results of the screen; it will only say whether the student completed it or not. Instructors may still wish to have students show their phones with the “green check” at the start of class.

Instructions and links to the report can be found below:

Note: the class list tool that will allow instructors to see daily COVID Cheq compliance/completion for their class sections over the last two weeks. The system updates every 20 minutes, so students who are completing COVID Cheq right before class may show as “not completed.”