Beyond MU webinar ‘Interdisciplinary Approach to Autism and the Pandemic’ is Jan. 21

Beyond MU: Lifelong Learning will host a webinar titled “An Interdisciplinary Approach to Autism and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Session 1” on Thursday, Jan. 21, at noon.  

This session will discuss strategies to engage preschool and school-age children with autism. Strategies include handling sensory sensitivities at home using therapeutic tacticsadjusting a child’s individualized education plan and improving virtual and at-home learning.   

Panelists include: 

  • Dr. Michele Sheehan, clinical assistant professor, occupational therapy and doctoral capstone coordinator. 
  • Dr. Ann Millardclinical assistant professor, occupational therapy.  
  • Dr. Mary Carlson clinical associate professor, educational policy. 
  • Elyse Adler, clinical psychology graduate student. 

Register via Zoom.