Kuali system to undergo upgrades, Sept. 4-5

On Friday, Sept. 4, upgrades will be made to Kuali, Marquette’s electronic system for proposal submission, research compliance and grants management.  

The first upgrade will be in the Conflict of Interest (COI) module. After the upgrade, users will experience more tailored questions based upon the specific nature of their disclosures. There may also be additional projects that will require reporting; this is a one-time update.  

The second upgrade will be the addition of a dashboard and a new configuration for the landing page. The system functions will remain the same, but the dashboard will include quick links showing a user’s current and upcoming actions. View the new dashboard. More information on navigating and using the dashboard is on the Research and Innovation website.  

It is expected that the Kuali system will return to full functionality on Saturday, Sept. 5. Any questions can be directed to Kuali